Sunday, February 26, 2012

3x5 Numbers, Number Words, Negative Numbers, Ordinal Numbers and Ten Frames.

This is specifically designed to be printed on blank 3x5 cards. The advantage of this is that there is no need to cut out each number. Calendar Math supplement so that numbers do not need to be written daily to be placed on a number line.

This set includes numbers (0-100), number words (zero-one hundred), blue ordinal numbers (1st to 25th), red negative numbers (-1 to -20), numbers with ten frames (0 to 20).

Set is meant to be used on number lines, as flash cards and for game playing. Numerous sets can be printed for games such as Number Go Fish, and Number Rummy.


  1. Hello fellow creative teacher!
    It sounds like a cool idea. As an instructional coach, I do my best to make learning hands-on too for students. I have made perimeter sticks to go inside of my water bottle learning centers. Students are able to touch the sides of figures to determine the perimeter.

    Literacy and Math Ideas

  2. Your blog threw me for a loop at first when I noticed your Teachers Pay Teachers link with "A. Karen Wilson" seeing as I am also Karen Wilson and have a TpT site. LOL (FunnyBunny Creations.

    Anyway, I like this idea too. I look forward to sharing your store.

  3. Hi Karen,

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